Starfire 3d model


Working on converting my Starfire model from animation master to blender, I’ll be posting it once it’s rigged and cleaned up.

3d Model format

Blender can be a complicated beast, but it is also very easy to customize.
In the spirit of keeping things simple, I’m releasing all models posted on this site with a simplified structure as shown in this screenshot


One large 3d view window, timeline below and credits and render button ready to go on the right. To render the animation on your own PC just download a model, click on the “animation” button and the program will chug away and create the animation

(You may need to specify what directory it writes to in “output”)

Following posts will describe how to modify and make new animations

What’s next?

There are many high quality character models available for free, but often they’re posted on the author’s site and left there. A complex 3d model isn’t easy to use, so I intend to continue supporting them by posting animation examples (Downloadable so you can play with them directly), tutorials and of course further models.