Starfire 3d model


Working on converting my Starfire model from animation master to blender, I’ll be posting it once it’s rigged and cleaned up.

Hatsune Miku by Kio

Hatsune Miku is a character designed by Kei Garō for
Crypton Future Media as mascot for it’s vocaloid software

This Blender 3d model was made by Kio

Author’s statement follows:


This readme is only applicable to the modeldata that you
downloaded at the same time.
When you download a newer version, you must read carefully
the readme distributed with that newer version.

Only for noncommercial use, in respect for the right of
all concerned and within the common courtesy, you may

NOT USE the modeldata to videos with scenes of violence, sexual material or slander (such as R-rated)
MODIFY the modeldata at your own risk and on your own responsibility
REDISTRIBUTE the modeldata (modified/original) UNDER THE SAME CONDITIONS of this readme, with the history of modifications, at your own risk and on your own responsibility.

JUST IMAGINE all creators behind the data you downloaded, and let’s enjoy OUR happy creative life.”

This is not explicitly a creative commons release, but the conditions match similar enough to justify posting here. I have not modified the model except for bundling the textures into the blend file.

The rig is not the standard rigify rig but it is similar, and quite complete.

Download the model here

Anime skeleton by Pharion

A skeleton with anime character’s proportions. Funny concept. Will add a rig as time permits, it should be easy since all the bones are rigid, no smooth deformations needed.

License: Creative Commons Attribution (Author: Pharion)

Download model here

Captain leChuck

Monkey Island’s Captain LeChuck, modelled by Giuseppe Albergo (Gamera) Released under CC BY (Attribution)

Original design Ron Gilbert at Lucasarts.
As LeChuck is a character from the Monkey Island series of
games, this model constitutes a derivative work and care should be taken not to infringe on trademarks
or copyrights of Lucasarts when using it.

Currently working on rigging and texturing, updated model will be uploaded when completed.

Download here

3d Model format

Blender can be a complicated beast, but it is also very easy to customize.
In the spirit of keeping things simple, I’m releasing all models posted on this site with a simplified structure as shown in this screenshot


One large 3d view window, timeline below and credits and render button ready to go on the right. To render the animation on your own PC just download a model, click on the “animation” button and the program will chug away and create the animation

(You may need to specify what directory it writes to in “output”)

Following posts will describe how to modify and make new animations